Bill Mee Park Committee

Bill Mee Park and Boat Launch Committee

History: The Bill Mee Park area is part of a larger Crown parcel. The Ministry of Transportation used the area as a gravel pit until the supply ran out and subsequently for storing gravel. It has been dormant for many years. Bill Mee operated the pit for years. Since he lived next to it, the pit became known as Bill Mee gravel pit. When the site became a park, the community decided to continue to use Bill’s name. The park is operated by the Bill Mee Park Boat Launch Committee of DIRA under agreement with the regional district.

The CVRD helped volunteers from the Denman Island Residents Association developed the park and concrete boat ramp between 1997-98. A rock breakwater wall was added in 2002. This breakwater was extended in 2009. The CVRD holds two licences of occupation for the site: one for the boat ramp and one for the upland. The licence for the boat ramp was amended in 2009 to allow for extension of the breakwater walls. The DIVFD also has a water storage facility within the park and they help to maintain the ramp and parking lot area. The anticipated extension of the breakwater(s) in 2015 has been postponed indefinitely as it proved cost prohibitive.

Amenities: 86.5m boat launch, 20-car and trailer parking lot, lockable gate, pit toilet, picnic tables

Natural Features: The park has open areas with remnant second growth forest around the edges.

Chair:  John Wigle

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