About DIRA

DIRA Mandate:

“To consider and further the interests and general welfare
of the residents of Denman Island”


DIRA is a Non Profit Organization Registration # S0011380 Incorporated in 1971-01-31 BN #86468N0228

President: Ron Shepherd
Treasurer: Doug Wright
Secretary: Andrew Pringle
Executive Members: Frieda Werden

The Denman Island Residents Association (DIRA) previously known as the Denman Island Ratepayers Association has existed in one form or another for over forty years. DIRA was officially registered as a non profit association with the Registrar of Companies in Victoria in 1975. DIRA’ primary mandate, as described in its constitution “shall be to consider and further the interests and general welfare of the residents of Denman Island B.C.” Additionally, the fifth and final article within DIRA’s constitution states that “the Association shall have no purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other accretions to the Association shall be used for promoting its purposes.

DIRA, is a voluntary association of residents and property owners, which receives and manages tax dollars through its committees, and provides a monthly forum to examine concerns of relevance to Islanders and also holds special meetings when needed for specific purposes or concerns.

To achieve these goals, DIRA holds a minimum of ten meetings a year where any issue of concern to Islanders can be discussed, and any resident or property owner has a voice.

The regular General monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at the Denman Island Community Hall, unless the date falls on a holiday.

The Executive Board of DIRA is elected in April at the Annual AGM, with half of the six positions replenished each year. Monthly executive meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at the Denman Island Old School Centre. These meetings are also open to the public but prior notification to the executive is requested for any agenda presentation.

Under the organizational umbrella of DIRA a variety of standing committees and systems perform a host of services for the citizens of Denman Island. A list of these committees and services as well as other DIRA information can be found on this website. The Regional District provides much, but not all, of the funding for these services, which are reviewed annually at the DIRA budget meeting.

Aside from Federal and Provincial political representation, Denman Island is represented by two elected members of the Islands Trust and one Regional Director for Area A of the Comox Valley Regional District. DIRA interacts on behalf of the residents of Denman Island with Islands Trust, the Comox Valley Regional District, and all other levels of government.


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